Cancer death continues with the female teacher was fired has returned to Beijing – in labor relation

Cancer death continues with the female teacher was fired has returned to Beijing in August 31st – labor relations, LanZhou JiaoTong University post College (hereinafter referred to as post College) before the start of the last day. The school gate has been pulled up welcome new banner. This day is often open teacher assembly, I do not know how many teachers left." Lin Ying (a pseudonym) said that in Bowen college experience expelled from the sick teacher after the storm, not only the college teachers have left, and even have been admitted to Bowen college high school graduates, may also give up admission. In fact, the dolls are right, the school is wrong." Two years ago, Lin Ying was suffering from liver vascular tumor, post College a "decision" fired "". And she was expelled from the same group, as well as Liu Liu has died of cancer. "Expulsion is brought to the file, it will be a blot on life." Lin Ying and Bowen at school. Although labor arbitration requires the Institute to withdraw the decision, the first instance, the second instance, she won. But the school has always read Bowen procrastinate, until Liu Lingli was away from cancer. Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Dan, February 2015, an online article, a letter to the president, so that the whole school has opened the pot. The letter was written by Lin Ying, an ordinary staff member, and wrote to her school, the dean of Bowen’s college, Chen Ling. Not long ago, she got a message that she couldn’t imagine she was fired. The teacher’s lifeline in May 2011, is about to graduate from the prestigious Lin Ying, Bowen college fancy, she did not reply to other schools, etc., chose to enter Bowen college. "I have two hopes to graduate, one is to be able to enter the University, and the other is to be able to return home, these two just Bowen gave me." Lin Ying said, at that time, in her view, all colleges and universities are the same, whether it is public or private, are teaching. In the end of August, Lin Ying with the hope to post College teaching. She recalled that she may be considered to belong to the elite schools, but also the education of young professionals, so she has been planning to be a teacher, was assigned to the personnel department. "The school’s personnel department is generally service teaching, right?" Lin Ying smiled and seemed to recall a thing that was still so ridiculous. In Bowen college, the personnel department is the economic lifeline of the teacher." Lin Ying explained that the school teachers like to work as workers, are required to stay in the office, the office of personnel time every day, "the deputy director will often check post, if not see, will record" a half day absenteeism." Dean’s anger until one thing, so that Lin Ying directly incurred the wrath of the dean. She told reporters that the personnel department’s additional function is to help the president to take care of the dean’s parents, Dean’s parents are older, often hospitalized, the personnel department will send someone to take care of." The summer of 2012, the president of the parents in the hospital again, the director of the personnel department personally went to the hospital to take care of the elderly, "he (director of personnel) every day.相关的主题文章:

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