Focus on the World Toilet Day break the city to the toilet difficult road off shuyue

The World Toilet Day Focus: the toilet is difficult to break the city road off? Original title: World Toilet Day Focus: city toilet difficult to crack a few off? Beijing, Beijing, November 19th (reporter Kan Feng) today is the fourth "World Toilet Day" in the city building, glamorous, public toilet often because of the short board areas humble, neglected and become a city of civilization "". Now, in the more convenient and developed city streets, looking for the toilet is difficult, long queues, filthy toilet difficult phenomenon still happen every day. So, city toilet difficult what difficulties? Break the toilet difficult and need to remove obstacles? Data figure: Beijing City, Dongcheng District 54 street public toilets. Wu Heqin photo can not find — how public toilets no longer stealth? Excuse me, is there a toilet near here?" "Do you know where the nearest toilet is?" Walk the streets in the city, public toilets are hard to find, a lot of people stumped. In Chinese many city public toilets, concealment, low density, looking toilet is often difficult to "city" is difficult to use the toilet "first pass. As early as 2003, the former Ministry of Construction issued the "city environmental sanitation facilities planning standards", the city public toilets set spacing and number are clearly defined, namely residential land set spacing of 500 – 800 m, 3-5 km; public facilities for a set distance of 300 – 500 m, 4-11, KM; industrial storage land set the spacing of 800 – 1000 m, 1-2 km. However, the implementation of more than 10 years, or for delivery is not scientific, identity is not obvious, the way the wrong card, not timely maintenance and other reasons, is still difficult to find the toilet of a real problem in many city "toilet revolution". In recent years, the Internet appears in many find the toilet APP, reflected from the side, the city to find embarrassing public toilets. In April this year, in order to solve the difficult to find the toilet, the Beijing Municipal Committee, said the new "Beijing public toilet construction standards" is expected to introduce, Beijing will be the first year of important street near the 700 public toilets to upgrade, at the same time, to reach 300-500 meters between a public toilet. However, some experts think it is difficult to crack the toilet, simply expanding the number of public toilets and can not solve the problem. Associate researcher at the CASS Institute of law China support yoke had reporters on the new network, the reform of public toilets requires careful consideration of convenience, also need to city development planning and macro science, the government in the planning and transformation of the old city district, put in position, the construction of public toilets design should be more scientific and more convenient for the public toilets, let no longer "stealth". Data figure: May 1, 2014, the tourists in the the Imperial Palace there was a long queue outside the temporary toilets. Zhang Yizheng taken long queues — how to adjust the proportion of the toilet seat? Find the toilet, but not ranked on the team, "the toilet difficult" second road is the toilet in front of the long queues". In crowded shopping malls, stations, scenic spots, etc., on the toilet row brigade, especially women on the toilet row of the scene almost every day staged. Some media recently reported that in the fourth World Toilet Day, the occasion, the Ministry of housing Peng相关的主题文章:

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