Shanxi Shuozhou the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty gate destroyed the local call is still under investig ca1835

Shanxi Shuozhou the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty gate destroyed the local call is still under investigation – Beijing October 3rd, located in Shanxi Shuozhou County Shanyin a section of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty collapsed, the landmark gate was damaged. Shuozhou Cultural Relics Bureau staff said it is still under investigation, the Great Wall experts said the collapse can be avoided. Up to now, the official has not yet been investigated. The broad Wu Ming famous the Great Wall landscape "Moon" collapsed according to site visitors photographed photo shows a former arched brick building collapsed, leaving only a column. Because the shape of the landscape here, visitors are called "moon". It is understood that the landscape was Shanyin County Guang Wu Ming watchtowers on the Great Wall, due to natural erosion, only a section of arch form watchtowers. 6 pm, in the collapse site Cui BYD reporter said, after the incident in the collapsed place around the cordon, and visitors to take pictures in the scene. According to the official website of the Shuozhou municipal government, Guang Wu Department of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty Hongwu seven years (1374) built within the the Great Wall, about 20 km (from xinguangwu Valley to Xi’an), the remaining 13 km wall, the remaining part of the remnants. The Great Wall watchtowers intensive military defense system, complete, and well preserved, very military scientific research and tourism value. The the Great Wall is located in the old wide Wucheng is a township in Shanyin County, in June 2006 by the State Council announced the Sixth Batch of national key cultural relics protection units". BYD reporters call the Shuozhou Municipal Bureau of cultural relics department, a staff of anonymity, said officials were investigating. The staff said that the current speculation is due to natural causes such as the collapse of the wind, the specific situation, such as the results of the investigation. Shanyin county has protection on the protection of the Great Wall project investment according to a local resident Mr. Zhang, the the Great Wall is adobe bricks, although it is intact, but the damage is more serious. For the reasons for the collapse, he said, one is the climate, where we have large sand storms, heavy rain in the summer; two is the local people do have damage." For the tour of the landscape, he said see fewer tourists, "although the Shuozhou municipal government and Xinzhou municipal government have advocated the development of tourism, but feel shouting for several years, nothing big happened, my personal feeling to tourists rarely." BYD reporter saw at the official website of the Shuozhou municipal government on 2013, Shanyin County Tourism Bureau has carried on comprehensive tourism development project investment hirotake, one of which content is the ancient the Great Wall tourist area to build and repair project. The project includes the restoration and repair of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty in Beacon Tower; new Xiudeng the Great Wall pedestrian and sculpture etc.." The project investment estimate 3 billion 500 million yuan. According to local media reports, in August 4th this year, the director of the Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau Wang Jianwu line had to research in shuochengqu Shanyin county and the protection of the Great Wall. Wang Jianwu inspected the line liminzhen shuochengqu the Great Wall ruins and hirotake the Great Wall, understand the protection situation and protection of the Great Wall each unit management and maintenance, and put forward the corresponding management requirements. Zhang believes that perhaps not the best protection is to develop Lin相关的主题文章:

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